150x40mm Corrugated H-beam Web Panel Forming Machine


150x40mm Corrugated H-beam Web Panel Forming Machine

transverse roll press per 2.0-5mm steel panel

Advantages of

150 corrugated panel forming machine

Corrugated Web H Beam came out in the 1990s and become more and more popular for the below advantages:
Ø Corrugated web H beam can save 20-30% steel material under the same load carrying strength,compared with normal flat web H beam.
Ø Corrugated web H beams look more beautiful in appearance than flat web H beams.
Ø More competitive in big span support structures, the 1.5mm wide corrugated web H-beam span can be over 40 meters.
Ø Many applications such as bridges, columns, single-span or multi-span frame structure construction.
Ø The corrugated web H beam, with energy-saving and consumption reducing character, is the developing trend of future.

Parameters of

150 corrugated panel forming machine

Ø Material: Q235 (yield strength ≦ 235Mpa)
Steel plate thickness: 2-5mm
Steel plate width: 300-1510mm
Wave height: 40mm(±3)
Wave pitch: 150mm(±3)

Ø Steel plate input: by roller table
Central guide: Manual
Forming speed: 1-6m/min adjustable
Motor power: 22KW DC motor
Speed reducer: ZS750
Press roller shaft: ¢160mm

Ø Machine weight: about 13T
Total installation power: 30KW
Height of centerline: 1100mm.

Composition of the 150 corrugated panel forming machine

Composed of plate loading roller table, corrugated panel forming machine, finished panel table, and electric control system, etc.
The corrugated panel forming machine is composed of press forming rollers, distribution gearbox, motor and speed reducer, etc.
Before forming, central guide, plate end positioning device, auxiliary pinch feeding equipment, etc.
As well, automatic check at entrance and exit.