Automatic CZU Purlin cold roll forming line machine

Automatic CZU Purlin cold roll forming line machine

Automatic CZU Purlin cold roll forming line machine
CZ purlins are very important structural parts of modern assembly buildings, especially workshop plants. With the rapid increase of industrial yield, the world are needing more and more construction materials. We are professional roll forming machine supplier who supply forming machines to make tiles, roofing panels, wall panels, beams, purlins, columns, etc. Our CZU automatic exchangeable cold roll forming machine is one popular machine, for its


1) One machine can make all the C,Z,U profiles
2) The producing speed of the machine is fast, can be up to 25m/min.
3) The change from one size to another size of C or Z is automatic
4) The exchange between C and Z just need to rotate some sets of upper rollers 180 degree.
5) One set of rectifying unit suit all CZU profiles.
6) Besides portal forming stands, there are several inclined rolls to form the bending corner well.
7) One set of punching unit can punch all required holes
8) One set universal shearing machine can be adjusted to cut all CZU profiles.
9) The whole process is automatic controlled by PLC and touch screen.
10) The machine drive is AC motor, hard teeth gearbox and chain transmission, can ensure high precision length control.

The CZU purlins parameters:

Input raw Material: Q235、Q345

Type of steel coils: HR, CR, GI steel coils

Coil thickness: 1.5-3.0mm

Coil width: ≤530

Coil ID: φ480~φ520

Coil OD: ≤φ1500

Coil weight: 6T

C/Z purlins:

Inspection standards: National standard GB/T6723-2008

Length tolerance: ≤±1.0mm

Width tolerance : ≤±0.5mm

Height tolerance: ≤±0.5mm

The tolerance of distance from center of last hole to profile end: ≤±1.0mm

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Automatic CZU Purlin cold roll forming line machine specification:


Two processes optional:

1) Front shear
Uncoiler, side guide and leveling, hydraulic punch and front shear, interchangeable C/Z roll forming machine, rectification straightening, electric control , roll table
2) Rear universal shear
Uncoiler, side guide and leveling, interchangeable roll forming machine, rectification straightening, punching and universal rear shear, roll table, electric control

C/Z Roll forming machine:

16 steps forming, the plate stands can be wholly moved, driven by chains.

Roller shaft: φ90, 40Cr, quenching & tempering treatment.

Forming rollers: Cr12, quenching treatment HRC58-60.

Change between C and Z profiles, rotate relative parts to certain location and then fix; to make different thicknesses of same profile, adjust the height of upper rollers, according to operation manual.

Different section sizes of same profile to be controlled by computer on touch screen.

Main Power: 18-22KW AC motor,under frequency inverter control.

Hydraulic Punch and Universal Shear:

Stop hydraulic punching,

two sets punching moulds

, length measurement by encoder, punch spacing is controlled by computer.

Punching Moulds material: Cr12MoV, heat treatment HRC58-61,

Stop hydraulic shear, universal shearing with no need of changing blades, just adjust shearing blades under operation manual instruction.

Shearing blade material Cr12MoV, HRC58-61

Hydraulic system:11KW motor.

General Parameters of the CZ roll forming line:

Total installation power: about 35KW

Land area: about 20m length x 3m width

Line direction:not big issue

Power supply: customer tells