Column Post Frame roll forming line machine

Column Post Frame roll forming line machine

1. Racking Omega Upright Column roll forming machine

Input Material - steel coil

coil material: Q235B

coil thickness: ≤2mm
coil width: ≤300mm
coil inner diameter: φ480~φ520mm
coil outer diameter: ≤φ1300mm
coil weight: max 3T

Machine Parameters

GY160 roll forming machine, 20 forming stations,

Shafts: 40Cr, Ф80mm, quenched & tempered treatment.

Rollers: Cr12, quenched surface hardness HRC58-60

15KW x 2sets AC frequency control motors, ZQ500 speed reducers and gearboxes drive

The profile change is realized by changing spacers.

Forming speed: 1-15m/min

Total installation power: about 52KW

Land occupation: about 35m length x 3m width.

2. C U solar photovoltaic (PV) support roll forming machine

Solar photovoltaic support is classical U channel profile, our U channel roll forming machine is strong and stable.

PV support U profile forming machine parameters:

Coil strip width:≤300 mm
coil strip thickness:1.2-2.5 mm
coil strip material:plain carbon steel such as Q235
Number of forming stations: 20 stations, gearbox transmission
Motor of main motor: 45KW AC motor
Track cutting motor: 18.5KW
forming speed:1-20m/min
Length of finished U profile:2000—6000 mm
Total installation power:approx.70KW。
Land occupation: 35mL×3.5mW×5mH
Compressed air source:0.5m3/min, 0.6Mpa
Hydraulic oil: 46#; gear oil: 18# hypoid

3. door frame roll forming machine

The door frame roll forming machine include uncoiler, roll forming machine, and saw cutting machine.
Forming speed is no stop , for the saw track cutting
main motor power: 22KW AC frequency controlled
operator panel: PLC and touch screen.
Forming stations: about 22 stations, portal stands.
precision of formed door frame: judged by the customer profile drawing
guarantee: one year since acceptance of machine test.