Culvert Corrugated panel roll forming machine

Culvert Corrugated panel roll forming machine


Culvert corrugated panel roll forming line machine

Corrugated metal culverts are used for water delivery pipes, drainpipe, dam conducting pipes, with


Easy transportation, easy assembly, culvert weight lighter.
Flexible pipe length adjusting by adding or dismantling corrugated pipe pieces.
Especially suitable for sand or soft soil ground.
Anti-shaking, bear sinking or deforming.

Culvert making machines include:

culvert corrugated forming machine and camber bending machine.
Culvert profile: according to the customer profile design

Input steel coils:

coil width: ≤ 1510 mm
coil thickness:3.0-8.0mm
raw material:low carbon steel,CR,galvanized plate

Precision of finished corrugated culvert:

Precision control
Corrugated panel width tolerance
±3.0 mm
Corrugated panel length tolerance
Pitch tolerance of sinus wave
Depth tolerance of sinus wave
±1.5 mm
Height tolerance of two peaks farthest to each other
Tolerance of distance between all punching holes



Corrugated forming speed: 0-8m/min
Time for every piece plate=number of holes *8s+60s

Specification of machines:

Number of forming: 25 forming stations

Diameter of forming shaft: Ф180mm

Drive motor: 90KW x 2 sets DC motor and ZS950 speed reducers

Drive shafts: universal cadan style

Forming rollers: CGr15, HRC58-60

Electric control: Parker DC drivers, PLC and touch screen.

Camber bending machine:


dependently or synchronously the top two rollers contact the bottom two rollers always at point of tangency, thus effectively avoid the straight end defect of arc bent corrugated panel.

Four GCr15 200 x 56 rollers of sinus wave are driven by motors, synchronously rotating in stability.