Automatic Adjustable Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Automatic Adjustable Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

There are a huge variety of cable tray profiles and sizes,

it will be very costly if you make each profile and size by one forming machine,
if you can only provide one or two options of cable trays to market, obviously you are facing the difficulty to catch a lot of customers who need all kinds of cable trays at different sizes.
When one automatic adjustable cable tray machine can produce all cable tray profiles of all sizes at fast speed in convenient operation mode, all the above problems are solved. You only need one or two workers to operate the machine because the machine is almost fully automatic, your workshop can accommodate other machines because one automatic cable tray machine of complete functions save a lot of space.
So, we can not wait to see what’s the specification and functions of the automatic cable tray roll forming line machine:

1.The automatic cable tray forming line includes:

Hydraulic uncoiler, servo feeder and straightener, loop, punching unit, loop, hydraulic cutting, automatic profiling machine, automatic stacker(output roll table)

2.Cable tray and cable tray cover profiles:

100-1000mm web width, 50-125mm flange height, 1-2mm thickness

3.Cable Tray machine parameters:

The input coils dimensions: 508mm ID, 1600mm OD, max 10T
Coil strip open width: max 1250mm
Roll forming speed: 0-15m/min, average speed 8m/min
Total power: about 60-70KW
Number of forming stations: 18-22 stations
Diameter of shafts: 90mm
Structure of profiling machine: cantileveler style or long through shaft style
Automatic stacker: 2.2KW product delivering motor and pneumatic pusher.
Electric control system: AC frequency inverter, PLC and MCGS touch screen, the transverse moving of profiling machine is automatically PLC controlled.

4.Characteristics of Cantilever style and Long Through shaft style cable tray profiling machine

Cantilever style cable tray machine:

1)Steel plate welding box to install cantilever rollers,
2)AC motor drive and gear and chain transmission, Both sides are driven by motor and reducer
3) Both sides inward or outward move together for different profile sizes.
4) The machine structure is simple, thus suitable for thin profile forming.
5) should notice the synchronization of both sides driving motors.
6) the cantilever profiling machine also widely used to produce door panel profiles.

Through shaft style cable tray profiling machine

1) Portal stands
2) Long through shafts with both rollers on each shaft
3) One side drive, chain transmission
4) Both sides inward or outward move together for different profile sizes