cold milling fly Saw for ERW tube cutting

cold milling fly Saw for ERW tube cutting

Cold Flying Saw for Tube Profiles cutting

Pipe material: Q195、Q235
Pipe size: Round: 20-76mm,Thickness:0.7-4.5mm
Square: F16-F60mm(16x16-60x60) ,Thickness:0.7-3.5 mm
( If the pipes are square, rectanglar or other shapes, the seller should provide the profile drawing with angle, so the seller can know the how the pipes come out.)

Max.line speed: 100 m/min ( Cutting length is 6m,the pipe OD is below 32mm, and the wall thickness is below 0.6 mm.) the producing speed for max 76mm x 4.5mm pipe: max 40m/min.

Pipe cutting length: 4000-10000mm

Cutting precision: ±2 mm (Requirement for line speed instability≤2%)

height of burrs: Max: 0.2mm

Motor Drives:

Adopt two servo motors.(

15KW car running Yaskawa series 7 full-internet servo motor
Cutting motor: 15 kw(SIEMENS AC)
2.9 kw saw blade feeding motor Yaskawa series 7 full-internet servo motor
Feeding motor: 2.9 kw

entry guide rollers and exit support roller

There’re entrance guide rollers(up and down rollers) on the base of sawt. There’re guide rollers (up and down rollers) in front of the blade and there’s a supporting roller behind the clamps.

saw blade brusher

There’s a steel brush for the blade, which can be fixed or taken out, to clean the iron chips of the rotating saw blade.

Saw Blade buffer to protect blade

On the main axle, there’s a blade buffer unit to reduce the vibration of the blade and lengthen the blade life.

Linear guide rails and safe buffers for Car running

Adopt the imported linear guide rail(Japan THK) and on the two sides of the rail, there’re two safe buffers for car running.

Hydraulic tube clamp:

Clamp driving structure (Hydraulic): one Hydraulic station
Adopt 2 sets of clamps (Hydraulic)
It contains one set of clamping clutch device for TCT blade.
With the equipment, we’ll provide one set of the clamps. The entrance part of the clamps are cone shape, which is designed to avoid scratching the pipes.