Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine

Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine


The metal deck roll forming machine uses new station to increase the strength of the machine. It commonly applies to be used in floor flat. The friction between the steel and concrete can be increased after making dots of the sheet, so that the floor of the fastness is also increased.
Widely used for floors construction of structural steel buildings, workshops, super markets, warehouses, etc.
The floor decks are combined with concrete to form steady strong structure. Floor decks specification: 0.80-1.20mm thickness 688-940mm width and 50-76mm height.

Main Technical Specification:

plate material: galvanized steel plates.
Material width: 1250 mm
Material thickness: 0.8-1.5mm
Work speed: 12-15m/min
Roll station: 32 stations
Main power: 22KW (two 11KW)
Hydraulic station power: 5.5KW
Control system: Panasonic brand PLC
Drive: by chain
We design and make the metal deck forming machine according to customer who should provide the metal deck drawing or sample.
The floor deck machine will be firstly tested before shipment, customer should send his own steel strip material to our factory for the test.

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